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Class B foam and our Service Delivery Strategy

By: Euan Ferguson

  9.14 PM 10 September, 2015

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Extension of Class B foam training suspension

CFA is extending the suspension of Class B foam firefighting training at regional training campuses to all Class B foam firefighting training

including from appliances at stations and using portable fire extinguishers. The suspension will remain in place until the review of environmental controls is completed and CFA is able to appropriately manage and capture the disposal of all Class B foam residues. Refer to the corresponding updated Operations Bulletin issued. 

The extension of the Class B foam training suspension is a precaution and ensures CFA adopts a consistent process.

CFA’s current Class B foam used on appliances and in bulk storage facilities, called Tridol, will continue to be used operationally until the changeover to a replacement fluorine-free foam is completed. A changeover program is being planned and should be completed by June 2016.

Portable fire extinguishers will also continue to be used operationally until a replacement fluorine-free extinguisher is identified and an agreed replacement program completed. CFA’s current extinguishers contain the foam formula used in most major hazard facilities, commercial enterprises and by the public. CFA is represented on a number of multi-agency and industry committees working to find an extinguisher fluorine-free solution.

Service Delivery Strategy

Deputy Chief Officer John Haynes, supported by his team, has recently completed a tour of districts and regions outlining CFA’s Service Delivery Strategy. This is one of a network of strategies developed over the last 12 months. The Service Delivery Strategy outlines four strategic objectives:

1. Empowering and sustaining the front line

2. Transforming service delivery to meet local needs

3. Working with communities

4. Strengthening relationships through collaboration.

These are the major focus areas to lead the change required to build an agile, service-focused organisation. Implementation of the strategy has already begun through the 2015-16 business plans. A copy of the strategy is available to all members here

“The Commission does not consider that the shortcomings identified in connection with Black Saturday can be overcome simply by doing more of the same, even if it is done better.”

2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission Final Report

Last Updated: 10 December 2015