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Clean-up work to be undertaken at regional training centres

By: Michael Wootten

  5.18 PM 30 July, 2015

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As I have previously outlined, we have conducted environmental testing at our Regional Training Campuses (RTCs). The advice of our environmental experts is the six RTCs do not pose health risks, and training can continue.

Today a press conference was held by Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett and Environment Minister Lisa Neville to address some of these results.

The Ministers outlined that tests of shallow ground water at our Penshurst facility showed elevated levels of chemicals associated with residues from firefighting foams no longer in use.

We had previously provided these results to EPA, and subsequently EPA has today issued a media release indicating a process has begun to issue CFA with a Clean Up Notice for the Penshurst site. The media release also indicates that further notices are expected to be issued for sites at Bangholme, Huntly, Longerenong, Wangaratta and West Sale in coming weeks.

CFA management is determined to confront these issues head on and we support the actions of Government, EPA, and the water authorities in taking a precautionary approach.

We have been taking a systematic and staged approach to address various actions as a result of the environmental testing at each of our training facilities and we will continue to do so.

I want to emphasise that tests of drinking and training water at the regional training centres, including Penshurst, have shown it is safe.

I also want to emphasise that these training facilities will continue to operate.

We will continue to work through all the issues associated with our training facilities to ensure our people have access to the safest training possible.

I am committed to ensuring that we learn the lessons of the past and that the safety of our members remains our highest priority.

I also want to remind members that the Fiskville Hotline is available to everyone, including all CFA members and their families.

If you want help seeking health advice, please contact the hotline on 1800 628 616.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015