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CO blog: Regional Radio Dispatch

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  12.41 PM 2 June, 2014

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In his latest blog CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson updates members on Regional Radio Dispatch, Creating Our Future Together and a recent bushfire and community engagement research forum. 

From the blog:

Regional Radio Dispatch has had a great start in a number of Districts across the state. The feedback from CFA members has been overwhelmingly positive (one quote: "There is a God, its name is Regional Radio Dispatch").

RRDS is now operational in Districts 12, 15, 2 and 20 with district 16 transitioning this weekend. By the end of August, all CFA Districts (except those on Metro CAD) will be on RRDS. This will, in effect, mean that all CFA Brigades will be Category 1 Brigades - able to give turnout messages direct to VicFire.

The radio coverage of the new system is significantly better. We also believe that many hard to solve radio "black spots" will be alleviated by the introduction of RRDS.

Read the rest of the Chief Officer's blog here.

Last Updated: 02 June 2014