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CO Update – Feedback on the role of the group

By: Steve Warrington

Category: Operational Information, People

  11.26 AM 30 November, 2016

Location: General

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A few weeks back I gave you my thoughts on what the role of the group is here at CFA. This topic generated a lot of debate, so big thanks to everyone who got involved. 

For the most part it seems we all agree on what the role of the group should be, there are just a couple of points I’d like to bring to people’s attention.

First of all, there is an assumption that every group operates in the same way, and this is not the case. Many groups are already heavily involved in coordinating burn programs, fundraising activities and community safety. I’d encourage you all to talk to your peers and consider the different ways you can broaden the role of your group.

I’d also like to reinforce the point that no group within our organisation should ever self-respond. At the height of a fire, resource requests should always come from the Incident Controller. The role of the group during operations is to then support the brigades in any way they need. This can be flexible, and may include resourcing, mentoring for incident management, catering, etc.

Again, the fundamental principle is always: what do the brigades need from their group?

This is an interesting debate, so keep your ideas coming.

We’ve also been receiving a lot of feedback on our new portable radios, so next week I’ll provide an update on what we are doing to address these issues before the fire season.

Again, stay safe out there, thanks for your time.

Last Updated: 30 November 2016