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CO Update – help us improve our fire scene data

By: Steve Warrington

Category: Community Safety

  12.09 PM 15 December, 2016

Location: General

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As we head further into summer, it’s time to ask all our members to help us improve the way we collect and report information from the fire scene.  

In 2015-16, 17.5 per cent of our fires were listed as ‘undetermined cause’.

We really need to reduce this figure, so when you do your fire reports make sure you accurately record and report on the origin and cause of the fire. This is part of CFA’s legislative responsibility.

We also have to capture this information on the Fire and Incident Reporting System (FIRS). If fire causes are accurately reported, we can use this information to identify trends, target our messaging, and develop better fire prevention measures.

CFA’s fire investigators should always be called to the scene if there is a fatality or serious injury, significant fire, or a suspicious origin or cause.

If you call a fire investigator protect and preserve the fire scene until they arrive, making sure the point of origin is kept clear and safe from other firefighters and members of the public.

So, three important things to take from this:

  • We need to reduce the number of fires reported as ‘undetermined cause’
  • Fire data helps us to analyse trends and develop prevention measures
  • Protect and preserve the fire scene for our fire investigators this summer

That’s it for today. Thanks very much, and stay safe. 

Last Updated: 15 December 2016