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CO Update – Response boundaries, Pride March

By: Steve Warrington

Category: Operational Information, People

  11.06 AM 23 January, 2017

Location: General

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Today I’d like to chat with you about two topics: response boundaries, and CFA’s involvement in the Pride March in St Kilda this weekend. 

Regarding response boundaries, I’ve asked our CAD team to review all our response assignment areas to ensure we are meeting our service delivery targets, particularly around the metropolitan area.

Already we’ve found that we are not consistently getting the quickest and closest trucks to the assignment areas, so the plan is to take more of a state-wide view of this. Using GIS information, we will start working on a more strategic approach for deployments within assignment areas.  

This is the first step towards maximising our service delivery, and moving towards one day implementing a radial search arrangement, so keep an eye out in this space.

The second point I’d like to touch on today is the Midsumma Pride March happening this Sunday (29 January).

We often talk about the ‘CFA family’ and celebrate the fact that we are a diverse organisation. We encourage every brigade and community to be open to diversity in age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and culture.

CFA is a family that is open, and will take everyone on board.

This Sunday, the CEO and I will lead CFA’s involvement in the Pride March, showing our commitment to the inclusion of, in this case, the LGBTIQ community within CFA. The theme this year is ‘Bring a STR8 M8’, and I’m happy to be that straight mate and show the Victorian community that CFA is an inclusive organisation.

My challenge to all of you is come along, join us in the march, and let everyone know that they are welcome to be a part of CFA. 

You can read more about the Pride March here.

Last Updated: 01 February 2017