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CO visits District 8 hazards

  • Noble Park fire station
  • Keysborough fire station
  • Frankston South - creek
  • Peninsula freeway gridlock
  • Mornington fire station
  • Mornington fire brigade members
  • Peninsula freeway traffic
  • Rosebud fire station
  • CO greets Rosebud members
  • Rosebud Pumper 2
  • Sorrento homes
  • Sorrento - Queenscliff ferry
  • Traffic on Rye foreshore
  • Foreshore caravan parks
  • Arthurs Seat view
  • Existing Hastings port
  • New D8 HQ being built
  • Lonsdale St Dandenong
  • Dandenong fire station & D8 HQ
  • District 8 admin staff
  • Dandenong brigade members

By: Keith Pakenham

Category: Community Safety

  1.52 PM 7 January, 2014

Location: District 8 News

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Chief Officer Euan Ferguson toured District 8 late last year inspecting hazards and expansion of industrial sites around the bay.

Visiting fire stations such as Dandenong, Mornington and Rosebud and meeting with staff and volunteers the Chief Officer was interested to see the changing face of the area including the Mornington Peninsula and Westernport Bay.

Each area has its own unique problems such as high tourist seasons with holiday makers and campers with a massive increase of road traffic. Holiday homes have vehicle access issues for brigades and the nearby beaches can be jammed packed with cars and caravans.

Although the new Peninsula Freeway has opened up the area it unfortunately brings in even more cars to the area. The fuel load throughout the district varies from tea-tree to thick scrub along foreshores and creeks and long grass growth inland across to Westernport Bay.

With more homes and industrial infrastructure being built especially the new Port of Hastings expansion, planning for brigade strategies and resources is essential. The number of homes built in amongst heavily treed properties around Arthurs Seat and Mount Martha bring their own challenges to brigades.

Last Updated: 07 January 2014