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By: Georgina Wood

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  2.17 PM 24 October, 2013

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Coaching and mentoring is a proven way to assist incident management and operational personnel develop leadership skills and move towards senior roles by learning from senior and experienced leaders.

For this reason the Incident Management Team Training Project (IMTTP) is developing a multi-agency coaching and mentoring framework and a program of coaching activities for incident management personnel.
Scenarios and activities, professional development events and sponsored coaching activities will be provided to directly improve the skills of targeted personnel and contribute to a culture of leaders and peers sharing knowledge and skills with others.
Just recently a number of Incident Management Coaching Activities were successfully undertaken in the Hume Region as an introduction to the IMT Coaching Program.
The activities were a simple discussion exercise where a Coachee worked through an IMT scenario with a Coach. This is similar to the Incident Controller Level Three Scenario Testing, but is targeted to the specific needs of each participant and simplified to suit a one-on-one environment. The scenarios provided a variety of challenges targeting a range of specified learning outcomes.
The exercise undertaken in Hume was aimed at participants who are Incident Controllers Level 2 in-development for Level 3 accreditation.
The exciting thing about the coaching activities is that they can be leveraged to allow further development across a number of roles and levels in our workforce.
For more information please contact:
Chris Morris
IMTTP Manager Coaching and Mentoring
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: 24 October 2013