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Coast Guard hoses down harbour

  • Coast Guard Crew Members Jennifer Allen and Allan Parsons get in some hose practice.

Sunday morning saw an extensive combined exercise at Queenscliff Boat Harbour. 

The exercise featuring four CFA brigades, Queenscliff Coast Guard and harbour staff allowed all involved to practise for the possible event of a fire on a vessel moored within the harbour precinct.

The operation was conducted over five hours and allowed for several different scenarios to be enacted. Coast Guard was required to retrieve two people from the water, as well as carry out first-aid assessment and transport the 'injured' to the ambulance meeting point in the harbour. In addition, Coast Guard put its firefighting skills to the test using the Coast Guard fire pump which can be quickly mounted on the rescue boat when required. Coast Guard crews set up hose lines to protect vessels from ‘fire’ while maneuvering in close quarters between boats worth many thousands of dollars.

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard has a Memorandum of Understanding with CFA which means Queenscliff Coast Guard is also a CFA coastal brigade. The operations at Queenscliff Harbour are all part of strengthening the CFA/Coast Guard relationship, which includes Coast Guard members assisting in logistics and other tasks at major bushfires across the state to relieve the pressure on firefighters.

Queenscliff Coast Guard Commander Ted Beggs commented: "Training and working with other emergency organisations helps improve the assistance we all can provide when water users and boat operators require help".

If you're interested in joining Coast Guard Queenscliff please call Deputy Commander Graham Douglas on 0419 009 477.

Last Updated: 22 October 2014