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Cockatoo FB puts families first

By: Lisa Cameron

Category: Community Safety

  2.23 PM 3 October, 2013

Location: District 8 News

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Cockatoo Fire Brigade decided it was time to hold a planning day with the members and their families so that they were prepared for the coming bushfire season.

The discussion focused on the differences between the planning done by a family member of a firefighter compared with the planning done by the public. The triggers for leaving early was an important one to write in their plan, as was making sure that the firefighters, who would most probably be on a fire truck, know where their family would head to if they were to leave the area. This was felt to be important so that the firefighters could concentrate on what they were doing without worrying whether their families were safe.

It was also felt that the information paged to firefighters before an event, knowledge of the weather, TFBs and other admin messaging, could all be used to the advantage of the family members in their planning when it came to the best time to leave.

Now when a member of the public asks if we have a plan, we can say yes, we have done one with our families, have you done yours? It was also a great way to bond, so that the members and their families could also look out for one another in a major incident.

The morning was finishined off with a great BBQ lunch!

Last Updated: 03 October 2013