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Comments on the OSOM Current Events Page

By: Brian Burleigh

  10.00 AM 20 January, 2010

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Team OSOM,

What can I say of the effort to seamlessly stitch together two moderately incompatible data sources; it nearly works and is just confusing! 

First, anyone who is prepared to make sense of the event entries can handle military 24 hour clock entries. Without a map to explain CFA regions, and for that matter DSE Forest Districts, that column is not much use. 

The fact that DSE hold incidents controlled until Autumn rain finishes the job off might confuse a viewer, and displaces the CFA "safe" incidents to the bottom of a long list! 

But my real complaint is with the Event specific notifcations. 

These should contain none of the generic bull-shit; they should delineate exactly the geographic area to which they apply,  should describe the nature of the threat, and leave it at that.  The expiry time-stamp is a great improvement. 

If generic stuff applies, the reader can follow the link if they need to.

 Another grumble: ifyou have a register of prescribed burns, why not publish it. 

That way, anyone seeing smoke can check out whether the fire has been notified, if its not there, then they can call 000 to report it.


Thats enough of a grumble for today!


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