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Commissioner video update 3/2/14

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  12.03 PM 3 February, 2014

Location: General

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The Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley delivers his latest weekly update on expected fire conditions for the week ahead.


"We’ve made it to Monday and it is really interesting to see that we have had really hot weather. The good thing about, this week there’s a change that sees it cool down mid week.

Monday is the highest fire danger day, across the state. Tuesday, the south change is in, but it interesting that the fire danger ratings will stay elevated, in the sense that there is going to be strong, southerly winds. And that is a day to watch in the sense of we naturally think, or normally think about the fact that a southerly change reduces the fire danger rating.

The fact that it has been so dry and so dry for a prolonged period, the grass is dry, the forests are dry, the bushlands dry, and the southerly wind can still see fires move through the landscape, fairly significantly.

So Monday is the key day, Tuesday is the day of significance, drops out Wednesday, Thursday, with cooler weather across the state, which everyone’s got to welcome and say thank you. But it comes back hot into the weekend, so Friday, Saturday, Sunday we move back to hot weather across the state.

At this time, the bureau can’t see any significant wind speeds with it, however we will have to wait until later in the week to see that.

And again, there is no forecast rain so it remains dry, into the second week of February.

Schools are back. We mentioned it last week schools were returning but now they are back in full. So all the schools are back this week which means that everyone should think about what that means.

If you are a parent that’s got a young child, just started school, and it’s your first interaction with the school, it’s probably a good thing to have a chat to the teacher and the principal about what that means if you are living in a bushfire risk areas.

Have a chat about what the school does, what you should do, but get that sorted out in your own head. It’s a really important time of the day to be - that 2.30-3-4 o’clock period when children are leaving school and it’s normally the highest, or the maximum temperature time.

It’s the time fires will be significant if they are there. So think about that for all of the remaining part of Feb and into early March, its something really important.

From that, we are doing well, we haven’t had too many fires. The fires we’ve had, the brigades, the fire trucks have done extremely well and you’ve got to say well done to that.

So we have made sure that first response has been significantly successful. And that’s both aircraft and people on the ground in fire trucks. So it’s been a good effort so far and let’s keep that up."

Last Updated: 04 February 2014