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Commissioner video update 23/12/13

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  11.58 AM 23 December, 2013

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It's Christmas week and we should take the time to make sure that we enjoy Christmas but it's important just to reflect on a couple of things.

One is last week we experienced hot weather. It was predicted, it's part of exactly what the Bureau said we would get some time through the summer period.

It's a typical thing with a four day hot weather system moving into the state, fed by what is hot air out of central Australia and it heats up Victoria, keeps the temperatures up overnight and is exactly the fire scenarios that we will see through January and February.

Probably one good thing about it was that we didn't have excessive winds with it. It was extremely hot but we didn't have the winds with it that push the fire danger into the extreme or even beyond that. But we did have fires. It's always interesting when you have that first lot of fires in the fire season. There were advice messages, there were watch and acts, there were emergency warnings issued, which are the three warnings that we push out and they were well structured and well received by all. But it is a reminder to all of us that it is the way it will operate this summer. Stay tuned to where the information is and make sure you know where the information is and that you can get it.

This week is interesting. It's a moderate start to the week. Fire danger ratings will be high or very high in all parts of Victoria. We are seeing a shower of rain move through and it will now start to heat up again. Christmas Day will see temperatures in the north in the high 30s, same on Boxing Day and continue right through until Saturday. Four days of hot weather predominantly in the northern part of the state but we will certainly see in the southern parts some nice weather.

The most important part of the week I suppose is to stay tuned to your local conditions wherever you are, whether you are travelling because it's a festive time, just stay tuned to what the fire danger rating is for the district you are in. And that can obviously be available through the website ( and other places where you can get your information. So that is important.

But I suppose the key thing is let's go and enjoy Christmas, stay safe. It's about fire safety. It's about road safety. It's about water safety. It's about being safe in Victoria. And obviously later in the week we will see the fire danger ratings move to high or very high or severe potentially, in the northern part of the state so stay attuned to that and make sure you are aware of what you need to do but enjoy Christmas, and have a great time.

Thank you.

Last Updated: 23 December 2013