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Community Firegaurd DVD, Bushfire CRC research. CFA Sunday

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 25 October, 2012

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Community Fireguard DVD:
Angela Cook from the Fire Ready Victoria program reminds us that this is the 20th year of CFA's Community Fireguard. She also advises that the new Community Fireguard promotional DVD is ready. 50 Copies are being sent to each Region. The DVD can be viewed online through this link:

The Multi Agency Capability Committee:
DCO John Haynes recently briefed me on the activities of the Multi Agency Capability Committee (or MACC for short). The MACC originally comprised of representatives from DSE, MFB and CFA, but now includes the SES. MACC has established five working groups each comprised of subject matter experts. These working groups focus on the development of policy, doctrine training frameworks and training resources. Recent achievements have included:
• The development of an interagency incident leadership framework;
• Two pilots of the Cobaw escaped burn "staff ride";
• Public Information Officer (PIO) training;
• Fire Behaviour Analyst (FBAN) training;
• Situation Officer Training;
• Logistics Officer Training;
• A pilot of the DSE based Sector Commander Course.

Bushfire CRC Research From The 2009 Bushfires:
The Bushfire CRC has recently released a Fire Note, Community bushfire safety issues: findings from interviews with residents affected by the 2009 Victorian bushfires. This is the final report summary from the Decision making under stress: understanding community member's survival-related decision making in bushfire (analysis of 2009 Victorian bushfires) project within the Bushfire CRC Communicating Risk program. Immediately following the 7 February 2009 Victorian bushfires the Bushfire CRC organised a multi-agency Task Force to investigate and report on three aspects of the fire: fire behaviour; building survivability and infrastructure; human behaviour and community safety. This investigation involved interviews with more than 500 survivors. This Fire Note reports analysis relating to human behaviour and community safety from 496 of these interview transcripts. The findings described in the final report provide a basis for fire and emergency service agencies to appraise their current community bushfire safety policies, priorities, programs and practices three and a half years after the 2009 bushfires. The full report for this project, as well as earlier Fire Notes are available on the Bushfire CRC website at: It is also available on the Bushfire CRC web site at:

CFA Sunday 25th November 2012:
Thank you to the 288 CFA brigades that are opening their doors and taking the opportunity to promote community safety, CFA and emergency service volunteering on "CFA Sunday". There is an interactive map of participating Brigades on the CFA web site at:

Bushfire Firefighter Work Load Study:
Manager Research and Innovation, Dave Nichols advises that CFA is sponsoring a national research project that will examine how certain bushfire fireground conditions (namely fatigue, smoke exposure and hot temperatures) impact fire fighters' ability to work safely and efficiently. The project will look at whether fire fighters' physical and mental performance changes when they are working for long hours in hot and smoky conditions. The project was conceived, designed and built with the direct input from CFA and other agencies. We are confident that the findings will be highly relevant to our business and will be critical in helping us keep our people safe on the fireground. Through Regional Directors and Operations Managers, we are seeking participation from both volunteer and career staff. Members or brigades who are wanting more information can contact Dr Brad Aisbett from Deakin University direct on, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" title="Brad Aisbett" mce_' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy25376 + '\'>'+addy_text25376+'<\/a>'; //--> or 03 9244 6474.

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