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By: Danielle Scorer

Category: Community Safety

  1.07 PM 26 August, 2016

Location: General

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CFA's longest-running fire safety program now has its own Facebook page.

Community Fireguard helps people living in high-risk areas to connect with their neighbours and get to know more about their local risk and how to prepare themselves for fire. Groups meet once a year with CFA to update their knowledge. Most groups turn the meeting into a social event with wine and cheese rounding up the session. Many members say the best part about being in the program has been getting to know their neighbours.

Community Fireguard groups do amazing work together. There are examples of groups getting grants to fund removal of vegetation, working bees to help members who are unable to physically prepare their own properties, and some do fundraising to purchase equipment to help them monitor conditions. The Facebook page will help these groups share their ideas and initiatives across the state. 

Anyone can post relevant information on the page and it will be updated regularly with fire safety messages.

If you know people who are part of Community Fireguard, or who would be interested in starting a group, you can direct them to the link at

Last Updated: 26 August 2016