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Community proud of its new tanker

  • Riddells Creek Tanker 2 (Medium 2.4C)
  • The new Medium Tanker was the star at the local Farmers Market
  • The new Medium Tanker was the star at the local Farmers Market
  • Riddells Creek says thank you
  • Key handover at the Farmers Market
  • A welcome addition to the fleet

By: Dean Anderson

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  12.22 PM 18 August, 2014

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The Riddells Creek Fire Brigade is the proud owner of a new Medium Tanker following many years of fundraising.

The keys to the new truck were handed to the brigade during a special ceremony at the monthly Riddells Creek farmers market on Saturday morning.

After many years of fundraising, the Riddells Creek fire brigade recently purchased the new fire truck to help protect the local area from bushfire, grass fires and a range of emergencies. With a price tag of almost $360,000, the fundraising effort was certainly a lengthy one and the brigade have the entire Riddells Creek community to thank for their support.

Not long after the township was threatened by a major grassfire on 9 February 2014, the Riddells Creek farmers market led the charge to help the brigade raise the last remaining funds. What happened next was totally unprecedented, with in excess of $30,000 raised in one day.

For this reason, the brigade were excited to showcase the new fire truck at the farmers market, while also taking the chance to say thank you to the wonderful Riddells Creek community for enabling the new fire truck to be purchased.

The new vehicle will return to the Geelong DMO this week to undergo its final pre-commissioning checks before being returned to the brigade to commence its service.

Last Updated: 20 August 2014