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Community spirit alive in Yambuk

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  2.14 PM 18 November, 2013

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With 40 active members, the community spirit is alive and well in Yambuk.

Yambuk CFA Captain Justin Watts was interviewed on ABC Local Radio this morning and said with such support from the community, the brigade is keen to give back, providing services to the community outside of fire calls.

Captain Watts said it’s a community-minded brigade, assisting the elderly change their smoke alarm batteries, and running a fire safety awareness day for kids in the mid-year holidays – a program that has been running for 13 years.

They also have a successful junior program that sees many members continue on to become operational brigade members.

“With our numbers around 40 active members, any new person that comes to town we have a chat with them and ask if they would like to join, it’s a nice way to be involved and get to know your neighbours,” Captain Watts said.

“There’s always a position in CFA that people can fill, they don’t have to be fighting fires on the front line.”

In the lead up to the fire season, the brigade is encouraging people to prepare for the season. Brigade members are starting their own preparation with strategic roadside burning and pre-season training for all active members.

Last year, Captain Watts said the brigade was lucky to not have any fires in their area but assisted at the four major fires in south west Victoria.

Listen to Captain Watts' interview here.

Last Updated: 18 November 2013