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Congratulations to our graduates

By: Lisa Sturzenegger

  11.00 AM 10 November, 2010

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A two-year journey has recently ended for several of our senior Community Safety staff graduating from the specialised Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Community Safety), and congratulations are owed.

To the 14 graduates - well done on this fantastic personal and professional achievement - you deserve our thanks and respect.

Every CFA region was represented in the Advanced Diploma participant group, and special acknowledgement should go to those who travelled long distances in to central Melbourne for classes.

This course is the first of its kind in Australia and has been designed to address the very specific and diverse needs of the fire management sector. It also reflects a key priority of CFA - to maximise the leadership capabilities of our senior staff.

The strong focus on strategic planning and leadership skills has equipped our graduates with a new raft of skills which they will bring to areas such as regulatory compliance, risk assessment and treatment, strategy development and implementation and change management. And as a participant in the course myself I can say that the practical, hands-on nature of the training really exceeded our expectations.

During the course our colleagues were faced with a changing work environment following the Black Saturday bushfires, and the course was restructured to allow some participants extra time for completion.

Good luck to the six remaining participants and well done again to our new graduates!

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