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Cranbourne and Narre Warren social T20

By: Angus McDonald

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  9.18 PM 27 March, 2015

Location: District 8 News

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Nineteen volunteers and staff from Cranbourne and Narre Warren brigades took part in the Inaugural social cricket match last Sunday 22 March.

The match was held on the cricket oval at Cranbourne Secondary College. We couldn’t have asked for better cricket weather with a forecast top of 29 degrees and not a cloud in sight.

We had nine-a-side and an injured participant willing to take score and assist with the umpiring. The rules were not too dissimilar to indoor cricket with each batting pair to face 4 overs and each player to bowl 2 overs. A wicket would be minus 3 runs off the total. The teams were mixed and it didn’t take long for the brigade loyalties to disappear as the friendly ‘sledging’ started.

There were drops and screamers, yorkers and head hunters all taken with a smile. There were more than several slogged over the fence or on top of a portable roof with the short boundaries.

After the first Innings Team A made a very impressive total of 135 runs which had the Team B on edge as they came in to bat. A few early boundaries along with a few early wickets kept the scores reasonably on par.

Halfway through the second innings the inevitable happened and the Cranbourne Staff were responded to a child locked in a car. Luckily the game could continue without them with a player switching sides the teams were even again, as were the scores. A few more sixes along with a couple of wickets and the Cranbourne Pumper returned just in time for the final batting pair to begin. The last few overs were tense with both sides hungry for the win. Following a top effort from the final batsman (who faced some lightning fast balls) Team B managed to come off with the win, scoring a handsome total of 156 runs from the 20 overs.

Both teams (whether drowning their sorrows or basking in glory) enjoyed a BBQ lunch back at the Cranbourne Fire Station with some friendly banter over the game and the expected ‘fire brigade talk’ which concluded a day of great success!

Thanks to the Cranbourne staff and volunteers for hosting the event and the Narre Warren volunteers for making the effort and attending.

I think this could be the start of an annual event.

Last Updated: 30 March 2015