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Creating our future together #3

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 5 August, 2011

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A key theme of feedback we have received from around the state is to include reference to volunteers in our description of who we are. The Board has now adopted these words:

"CFA is a volunteer and community based fire and emergency services organisation".

This emphasises that our essential community links come from volunteers. The Volunteer Charter and legislation will also be referenced more clearly in our strategy as a result of your feedback.

Other feedback included:

  • our mission "to protect lives and property" has been well received
  • the organisational structure needs to reflect more strongly the line of command from the Chief Officer to volunteer brigades
    • this will be reflected in ongoing structure design work
  • Volunteers and Operational Training should report to the Chief Officer via Fire and Emergency Management
  • we agree that the two areas will work very closely together; and also that the relationship between Business Services and Fire and Emergency Management is equally as important
    • Fire and Emergency Management will be the key support focus of Volunteers and Operational Training and Business Services
    • the final structure will also show where responsibility for Royal Commission Implementation Program sits
  • the role of Communities and Communication needs to be clearer
    • this area will advocate the community's needs within CFA
    • it's also where we will research and develop the best ways to assist communities to manage their risk.
    • Communities and Communication will rely heavily on the experience of Fire and Emergency Management, which delivers our services and works with communities every day
  • Leadership must be strong and visible to achieve change
    • the Executive and Regional Managers have recently formed the Senior Leadership team to support consistent and visible leadership

Here are some responses to questions we've received:

Q. What opportunities will be provided for engagement and input?

A. Over the coming weeks and months we will:

  • form functional design teams
  • ask for feedback on the next layer of the functional structure
  • design team work processes and work flows

Q. Timing - how long will the changes take?

A. This will depend on the level of engagement and how many issues need to be resolved along the way. I am now looking to fill the top line of the structure through executive appointments. Those executives will lead design teams to develop key functions in each of the areas under the structure. In doing that work they will engage relevant people in their areas. There will be opportunity for feedback and consultation.

Later, we will be looking to fill and confirm roles. Again there will be opportunities for input as we engage CFA members and brief VFBV and union representatives throughout the process.

Thanks for your input to date. Please continue to provide your feedback to me, your Directors and leaders and also let them know of any of your concerns; change can be unsettling.

I value your support and look forward to continuing our work together into the future.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015