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Creating Our Future Together update


  4.38 PM 27 June, 2014

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We are close to finishing CFA's proposed design. There will be a phased announcement and consultation of directorate designs which will begin from next month.

While the intensity of the fire season has led to tighter timelines, a huge amount of work has taken place to ensure that CFA is ready to consult on proposed designs with our people.

CFA's new Assistant Chief Officers will be announced in late July and will play a key role in the move to five regions.

Incorporating the input of over 600 CFA members, each directorate has created a proposed design that will best support how they will work, their key functions and the structure they need to get the job done.

Through regular design review meetings senior CFA managers have defined the accountabilities and responsibilities of each team and how they will operate together in the future.

Over the coming weeks senior management will be focussing on a number of key areas, including:

  • Working through CFA's administrative requirements and ensuring Assistant Chief Officers and Operations Managers receive the support they need
  • Better planning around the incident management responsibilities placed on non-operational staff each fire season and beyond
  • Clarifying job titles and accountabilities.

The Executive Leadership Team will be progressively consulting on proposed designs, which will begin next month. This will allow teams that are most advanced in this process to begin speaking to their people and giving them the opportunity to provide feedback.

Most management teams have now taken part in transition workshops to help them facilitate this change, which includes processes around job matching and placement. These documents will be made available in the near future.

Updates about the design process, including organisational briefings, will be available later as the proposed design is progressed and we encourage our members to raise any concerns with their direct line manager.

More information is also available at the ‘Creating Our Future Together - Next Steps' page on CFA Online and you can also contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This update was provided by project sponsors Fran Boyd, David Spokes and Deputy Chief Officer John Haynes.


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