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Creightons Creek fire update

  • Aerial photo of fire affected country around Ruffy
  • Aerial photo of fire affected country around Ruffy
  • Aerial photo of fire affected country around Ruffy

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  1.52 PM 20 December, 2014

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Crews remain at the Creightons Creek fire today monitoring the situation and working to contain hot spots, with the focus yesterday (Saturday) on burning out a section of bush in the Mount Ceceila area to consolidate a control line. New aerial photos meanwhile show areas near Ruffy that were impacted by fire.  

The Creighton Creek fire, which has burnt through more than 5000 hectares, remains the only major bushfire still active in Victoria today, however conditions have eased, and no properties or communities are under threat.

Residents in the area have been advised that with this ‘controlled burn’ in progress there may be increased smoke in the area, but are asked not to call Triple Zero unless they see flames outside the burn area.

There are currently 85 firefighters and 28 trucks deployed at the fire, in which four properties have been confirmed lost. DEPI Agricultural crews are also in the area assisting with stock assessment.

An Advice message remains current for the communities of Creighton Creek, Gooram, Longwood East, Old Longwood and Ruffy (go to for updates).

Fire conditions are expected to ease over the coming week, bringing relief for firefighters.

Minister for Emergency Services Jane Garrett visited fire affected areas yesteday, receiving a full briefing at the Wangaratta Incident Control Centre. Together with Emergency Management Commission Craig Lapsley the Minister also met with fire affected property owners at Ruffy.

With the holiday season approaching, fire authorities are keen to assure holidaymakers that the North East region is ‘open for business’.

Victorians planning to visit the bush this summer are encouraged to go ahead and enjoy their holiday but monitor fire information and conditions. 

Photos courtesy of Emergency Management Victoria.

Last Updated: 21 December 2014