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CSIRO Wye River report released

By: CFA Media

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  4.55 PM 2 May, 2016

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Findings from a CSIRO building survey on houses impacted by the devastating Wye River/Separation Creek fires will support fire agencies in their work with communities to reduce fire risk.

Chief Officer Joe Buffone said the report by Australia’s peak science agency, commissioned by CFA, showed that of the houses surveyed, most of those that were built to the appropriate building regulations survived the bushfire. However, it found that for those that were destroyed it was generally due to fuel loads and hazards in close proximity to the house.

The Wye River/Separation Creek claimed over 116 houses. Igniting from a lightning strike on 19 December 2015 in the Otway Ranges National Park, it reached houses near the Great Ocean Road on Christmas Day and continued to burn for several weeks after.

“CFA commissioned this report as a resource for all fire agencies, government departments and other key stakeholders. It contains information that could make a material difference to the chances of a house surviving a fire similar to what we saw at Wye River over Christmas 2015,” Chief Officer Buffone said.

“We will be using that information in our work with communities living in fire risk areas to assist them build fire preparedness and resilience.”

A copy of the report can be found on the WyeSep Connect website or by clicking here.

Last Updated: 02 May 2016