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Culture and values, Jubilation event

By: Euan Ferguson

  9.05 AM 28 November, 2014

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Culture and Values

Members of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are currently traveling around the state, holding discussions with members about our culture and our values. We acknowledge these sessions have been set up with short notice and thank those members who have been able to attend. As the ELT, we decided that given the culture survey results, urgent action was needed. The roadshow sessions have been scheduled in conjunction with regions to work around, or with, current commitments as best as possible. Given the spread and diversity of our members, sessions have been scheduled on weekends, evening and during the day, we know that not all our members will be able to attend. Therefore we are using a variety of channels to engage with as many members as possible including the intranet and Brigades Online, sharing information via videos and livestream events and receiving feedback via email.

In the discussions and feedback received so far, some of you have asked where our Organisational Values sit with regard to the Fire Service Star Virtues. I want to reiterate that the Fire Service Star Virtues are an important part of CFA history and tradition and will continue to remain a key reference point for CFA. However, some of the feedback we’ve been getting is that they do not reflect the whole organisation, or what is needed for an ‘all agencies, all hazards environment’. Our values need to support the delivery of our mission, our business priorities and our culture. By establishing strong values alongside the Fire Services Star Virtues, it will help guide us in how we approach and interact with each other a across the many activities we undertake at CFA.

Others have asked why we are reviewing our values now. This is part of our broader work around improving our culture. We know we’ve dropped the ball when it comes to our culture and we are ready to learn from our mistakes. Based on what you’ve told us so far, the senior leadership team agreed that the best approach was to align our efforts on two key priorities: creating a values-based CFA and being accountable decision makers. We want to create a strong culture for our people and, to move forward in this process, our goal is to have new values in place by Christmas.

Another question we have received is about how we decided on the draft values and whether we are genuinely after feedback. The draft values are simply a starting point for this conversation – the proposed values were based on the themes coming through in the culture surveys – these are not final. To truly reflect our diverse organisation, we need your input to help shape them.

I encourage all of you to provide your feedback either through the roadshow events, by visiting our Culture Program website or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Jubilation Event

Across December 12 to 14 Docklands is holding ‘Jubilation’; a Christmas festival of lighting, food, community and entertainment. The free event will raise funds for CFA. As the beneficiary, CFA will play a large part in the event and will have a CFA zone with old and new trucks, demonstrations, music performances and information sessions. On Saturday 13 December from 8.30pm a recognition parade will go from New Quay Promenade to Victoria Harbour Promenade. This is an open invitation to CFA members to be part of the CFA zone, walk in the parade and be the face of CFA.  For more information or to express your interest contact OT&V on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 1800 232 636 by 2 December.

The event is another way CFA can promote summer preparedness and safety messages particularly to those travelling throughout regional and rural Victoria this summer.

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