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Dandenong South hazmat fire

By: CFA Media

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  10.09 AM 15 September, 2015

Location: District 8 News

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CFA has successfully contained a chemical fire at a Dandenong South factory overnight. 

Firefighters arrived to find a fire at the water treatment area of a meat processing plant on Hallam Road around 9.30pm.

CFA District 8 Operations Officer Paul Carrigg said crews worked well to contain a hazardous situation.

“The fire was a result of a reaction between two different chemicals contained in two one-thousand litre tanks,” he said.

“Crews worked well to form a plan of attack after consulting with CFA’s duty scientific officer.

“A large part of the work was making sure there was no run-off as a result of the clean-up.”

Approximately 50 workers were evacuated when the fire broke out but returned to work from 6am.

Crews from Hallam, Dandenong and Springvale attended.

Photos: by Keith Pakenham, CFA


Last Updated: 15 September 2015