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Democracy and Fire Action Week

By: Lisa Sturzenegger

  11.00 AM 27 August, 2010

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The experiences I've gained during my involvement with many of the recent community consultations held by the State Government made it clear to me not only that participative democracy is alive and well, but how proud I am to work for CFA.

Members of the highest levels of government were visiting Victorian communities and hearing what they had to say at the ground level, with the feedback to assist in shaping the Government's response to the findings of the 2009 Victorian Royal Bushfires Commission. The information received will also be used during CFA's planning processes in preparing for the future.

Throughout each visit the observation that struck me most was the respect everywhere for our local Brigades. I was also personally impressed by the expertise and commitment demonstrated by our volunteers and staff, and the way they represented CFA.

This kind of direct community engagement is extremely valuable for everyone involved and will be further expanded in future CFA activities, such as the upcoming Fire Action Week 2010.

Fire Action Week 2010 will be led by CFA in collaboration with a number of other Government and fire agencies, and form part of the whole-of-government Summer Fire Campaign for the upcoming season.  It will call on all people in Victoria to prepare and develop their plans for the fire season.

Held from 10 - 17 October, the week will be based around ten key events and build up to a state-wide Planning Day on Sunday 17 October.

The aim of Planning Day will be to motivate residents in high-risk areas to create a basic fire plan and learn about their local fire risk. It will be presented in a format that encourages members of the community to discuss their fire risk with CFA and other service providers while developing their plan.

Throughout the week we'll be urging everyone, no matter where they live, to take responsibility for their community and themselves, and we're aiming for everyone in a high-risk area to create/revise their fire plan - with a strong emphasis on knowing when and how to act on days of higher risk: when to leave, where to go and what to take.

As leaders in their community, Brigades will be critical in their contribution to the success of Fire Action Week and Planning Day in particular. I encourage you to visit the CFA website for more information, be aware of and participate in any events aimed at improving fire preparation in your community.

I'd to again thank everyone for their hard work, and I hope to see you during Fire Action Week 2010!

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