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Digital radio channels – use to be expanded

By: Sharon Mifsud

Category: Operational Information

  2.22 PM 27 August, 2015

Location: District 4 News

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District 4 currently makes use of only one of the digital channels available in the new Tait radios (including vehicle, portable and bag style units). That is channel 504 which is used in district-wide dispatch and communication to VicFire.

Prior to this summer, we will make use of additional digital channels including both fire-ground digital channels and incident command digital channels.

All the channels to be used will be shown in the Default Communication Plans to be distributed shortly.

Users will only need to select the appropriate channel shown on the default plans, and the radios will take care of everything else.

There are a  few important points to note regarding the transition to further digital channels:

  •        The duress button on the Tait radios will operate when on a digital channel, however it will only send the duress call on the selected digital channel. So far we have been using this only 504 only. Once we start using additional digital channels (fire-ground and incident command channels), the other radios on the same channel, and within coverage, will be able to receive the duress call. This will appear both via an audible signal and on the screen. VicFire will not receive the duress call for fire-ground and incident command channels as these do not have the same range as dispatch channel 504. In all cases of duress, SOP 9.15 Mayday Radio Procedure is to be followed.
  •        DELWP have advised that they will continue to utilise DELWP analogue channels for both incident channels and fire-ground incidents next summer, and will also have all the CFA digital channels available. Similarly, DELWP analogue incident command and fire-ground channels have been retained in all CFA radios.
  •        There is no requirement for CFA radios to be “reflashed” again to use more digital channels. All CFA digital fire-ground and incident command channels have been programmed into CFA radios as part of the previous “reflash”.
  •        The CFA digital fire-ground channels are simplex channels and operate on a line of site principle. The CFA digital incident command channels work via repeaters over a greater distance.
  •        Previous CFA analogue fire-ground & incident command channels are not to be used once D4 has transitioned to digital radio channels, as there may be potential interference. A date for this transition will be advised before this occurs.

Any questions please contact your Catchment Team or Novots.

Last Updated: 31 August 2015