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Discussing diversity

By: Kerry Murphy

  11.00 AM 25 June, 2012

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At each monthly meeting the Board sets time aside to discuss a strategic issue, and this month's nominated topic was diversity. Judging by the discussion threads on CFA Connect, diversity is a topic brigades are exploring too - everything from how to create an inclusive environment to strategies for maximising the pool of potential members.

These discussion threads show that diversity is not just about women, as it was perhaps viewed 20 years ago. Diversity is about the young, the not-so-young; people living with disability and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Successful brigades usually reflect their communities. In Corio for instance, the brigade is actively reaching out to and working with the local culturally diverse community to develop a better two-way understanding. The brigade is a step ahead of their changing community and well placed to plan for the future.

The Board asked CFA to develop a diversity program to help those brigades interested in pursuing this opportunity.

The Chief Executive Officer reported to the Board that the Independent Investigator's report into Fiskville was on schedule to be received by CFA prior to the Board making a formal response. A special meeting will be convened in early July 2012 to facilitate this.

The Winter Fire Safety campaign and the partnership with MFB were outlined in detail.

A report was received on the Core Leadership Conference, attended by 120 members, which considered the challenges faced and changes necessary for CFA in the future.

There was a considerable discussion on a proposal by the Fire Services Commissioner to examine some brigade premises to see if they could play a role as fire refuges.

The Acting Chief Officer also discussed with the Board:
• the establishment of a new brigade at Eynesbury near Melton;
• the roll-out of 19,000 ID cards comprising some 93 per cent of requests to CFA;
• the new 2.4C tankers, which will be shown around the state.

The Chief Officer's Principles are developed to govern the allocation of priority resources:

1. Primacy will be given to the protection of life, including the protection of life and safety of firefighters
2. Community risk is a shared responsibility
3. Resources will be allocated and scaled to risk and demand
4. Timeliness of response will underpin response resource positioning
5. Resource allocation will take account of mutual support from neighbouring brigades
6. An evidence based approach
7. Flexibility
8. Recognition of the importance of volunteers in service delivery
9. CFA has an integrated model of service delivery
10. No role differentiation
11. Staff relief will be accounted for
12. Engagement and reasonable consultation

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