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South East RLT enacts burn over survival drill

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  10.44 AM 23 December, 2014

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South East Region Assistant Chief Officer Trevor Owen joined the Regional Leadership Team and seven of his operational leaders last Wednesday at the District 10 Headquarters to carry out a burn over survival drill.

With the help of Sale Fire Brigade, the group enacted the steps necessary to take shelter in their vehicle, setting up the tanker’s heat shield in the cabin of the truck. The non-operational RLT members were given a chance to learn about various aspects of the drill including PPC checks, truck familiarisation and contingency planning for scenarios where the truck becomes untenable while sitting in ROPs.

“This is an important skill for all brigades to have and is consistent with our commitment to ‘safety first’ at CFA,” said Trevor.

“Now is a timely reminder for all operational staff and volunteers to practise and refresh their burn over skills in preparation for the remainder of the fire season.

“While we hope that our members never have to implement this training, we need to make sure every firefighter is equipped with the right skills to face any type of fire incident, and this includes burn over drills.”

The drill was a worthwhile exercise for the wider RLT who were able to join with the region’s operational leaders and learn about the significance of this drill, and the importance of exercising regularly to improve skills and proficiency on ‘the main thing’.

Trevor was joined by Paul Summons, Allan Rankin, Bill Johnstone, Glenn Harrap, Mike Owen, Bryan Russell, Jude Kennedy and Simon Lund.

Last Updated: 23 December 2014