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District 10 kicks goals with major exercise

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By: Sandie Brown

Category: People, Training & Recruitment

  2.03 PM 28 October, 2016

Location: District 10 News

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District 10 held its inaugural major exercise - Exercise Flynn - at the HVP Plantations, Flynns Creek near Rosedale, on Sunday 23rd October. 

Volunteers had the opportunity to participate in a simulated exercise whereby they were part of a Strike Team responding to a major incident. A staging area was set up at the Gormandale Football ground.

The primary purpose of the exercise was to validate and assess District 10 accredited Strike Team Leaders, provide mentoring of non-accredited Strike Team Leaders, and to endorse members for Pre Summer Chief Officer Response Requirements in preparation for the upcoming fire season.

Practical exercises completed on the day included burnover drills, instruction on working in and around power lines with the focus on safety and power line/transmission line behaviour, gaining skills in the nuances of fighting plantation fires and asset protection. HVP and DELWP staff were on hand to assist in the plantation exercises and to showcase state of the art emergency vehicles.

In excess of 150 volunteers participated on the day with around 28 vehicles involved representing 40 brigades of District 10. This turnout represents 70% participation of District 10 brigades. Also involved on the day were 2 big fill pumps, a compressed air foam tanker from D27, 1 x field command communications vehicle and 7 strike team leader vehicles.  Participants agreed that the exercise was invaluable and already groups in the district are putting up their hand for next year’s venue!

Thanks to the Gormandale Football Club who catered an excellent breakfast and lunch; to HVP, whose hospitality allowed the exercise to go ahead at the plantation; and to the staff of both HVP and DELWP.

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