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District 11 contributes to blood challenge

By: John Lloyd

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  11.22 AM 10 June, 2016

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CFA Staff from D11 booked a bed in the Red Cross Blood Service Mobile unit and contributed to the Challenge Tally! 

Those Regions, Districts, & Brigades, interested in donating but are concern about travel keep your eye out as D11 did for the next visit of your Mobile Blood unit or contact the Red Cross Blood Service on 13 14 95 for your nearest Donor Centre.

9 Days into the Challenge sees the front runners neck & neck with CFA leading VicPOL by 6 donations:-

CFA = 67

VicPOL = 61

AV = 25

VicSES = 20

DELWP = 14

MFB = 10

It is a long race still and the Blood Service "like" a consistant supply at this time of the year.  Please keep up the good work by donating and more importantly registering your donation with RED25 - CFA.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017