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District 2 LPG Response Service

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  11.30 AM 23 January, 2015

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The Golden Square brigade is one of only two Specialist Response brigades in District 2 that provides an LPG (Gas) Emergency Response service. The other brigade being Gisborne.


Gas Flare Off involves using a large bunsen burner type of device to burn off LPG into atmosphere from a gas cylinder that has an uncontrollable leak or a cylinder that has been compromised by flame impingement or physical damage.

If your brigade is responded to a leaking gas cylinder including gas cylinders in vehicles and you discover that the leak is uncontrollable or you are unsure of how to deal with the incident then you can request a Gas Flare Off unit to be responded to your incident via VicFire. VicFire will then respond the nearest unit being either Golden Square or Gisborne to your incident.

Flare Off units should also be requested to attend gas cylinders that have been impinged on by fire or have suffered physical damage due to an accident for inspection and likely Flare Off.

For further information on Gas Flare Off units or to arrange a Flare Off awareness training program please contact the Golden Brigade Duty Officer on 03 5443 8724


Tim McNeilly

1st Lieutenant

Golden Square Fire Brigade

Last Updated: 23 January 2015