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District 2 Update - September 2015

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  11.13 AM 22 September, 2015

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This month's update includes information about some key activity taking part during pre-season as well as other important movements across the district.

  • Brigade Community Safety Coordinators or a brigade representative were invited to particiapte in a meeting at Bendigo on the 9th of September, to provide them with information that may assits them in the role and discuss what support they may require. The meeting also enabled Volunteers to meet other Brigade or Group CSC's. There was also an opportunity for  CSC's to view proposed treatments and provide comments.
  • All municipalities in district 2 will have participated in the review of the Victorian Fire Risk Register (VFRR) by the end of September. There has been a change in some rating for various locations, which will be reflected in the summer community preparedness plan. Thank you to the Volunteers and Catchment Teams who supported this process.
  • Planning for Summer Community Preparadness Education / Engagement activties in district 2 has been completed, and is currently under review by the OM and catchment teams. Brigades will be consulted via the elected CSC (or Captain, in lieu of an appointed CSC). A summary of activity is as follows:
Community meetings31
Street corner meetings24
Special interest60
  • This year will see the implementation of the use of variable message boards in the district to promote key messages such as FDP.
  • Two Regional Community Safety Workshops are to be conducted in Swan Hill and Kyneton. The purpose is to provide an overview of Community Safety programs/processes.
  • Over the next month Gerry Hauke, Property Advice Visit Service Coordinator will be contacting brigade Captains to provide an overview of the program. It will be the brigades decision if they wish to participate in the activity.   The Property Advice Visit Service (PAVS) is designed to support brigades visiting at risk community members at their home. Brigades can use local knowledge and CFA mapping data to identify households with the highest bushfire risk.
Preliminary pre-season dates

These are to be confirmed in writing in a letter to brigades:
LCF exercises
October 14thHeathcote  L2 IMT, Crew Leaders, Group personnel
October 22ndKyneton L2 IMT, Crew Leaders, Group personnel
November 25thRomsey L3 IMT/EMT, L2 IMT, Crew Leaders, Group personnel
Please RSVP via District 2 reception 1800 735 202
 State pre-season briefings
October 23rdBendigo (DEWLP)L2/L3 IMT/EMT personnel
October 26thGisborne (ICC)L2/L3 IMT/EMT personnel
Please RSVP via EventBrite email invitation only.
Theatre nights
October 28thKynetonOfficers and Crew Leaders, all welcome
November 4thBendigoOfficers and Crew Leaders, all welcome
Please RSVP via District 2 reception for intended session 1800 735 202
Bus tour (limited seats)
November 8thPastoria Fire (2014), meeting place TBCNewer Crew Leaders, Strike Team Leaders, brigade officers

Please RSVP to District 2 reception 1800 735 202

As part of pre-season activity we would like to remind all brigades to ensure crews are familiar with all vehicles and that communities are engaged and encouraged to remove as much ground fuel from around houses and nearby structures.

Chris Jacobsen - Acting Operations Manager, District 2


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