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District 20 puckers up for Liptember

By: Melissa Dole

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  3.43 PM 9 September, 2015

Location: District 20 News

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As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, District 20 is joining forces with many others across the country and participating in Liptember with the focus on Women’s Mental Health to 'Kiss away the Blues'.

We hope to raise more awareness of mental health problems, thereby breaking down the silence and stigma associated with these debilitating invisible afflictions. Mental Health problems have touched all our lives in one way or another. Not all pain is physical and not all wounds are visible!

  • Almost half of all Australian adults (45 per cent) are affected by mental illness at some time in their life
  • One in four people will suffer from some form of mental illness in any given year
  • Suicide is the biggest cause of death for Australian women aged 18-34.

As we know it can be difficult for people with mental health issues to take that first step in getting help. Having been in this very vulnerable situation myself, after losing two family members very close to my heart, and more recently a friend through suicide, I know how difficult this first step can be, and the direct impact it can leave on the loved ones left behind.

The most important thing is to let people know that they are not alone. There are mental health professionals/networks that can support and help with a variety of services and treatments. Education and support is available not only for sufferers but families, friends, work colleagues and communities impacted by mental health problems. 

It is vital to

  •          get good support and good information
  •          be in a safe environment
  •          be listened to and encouraged to talk
  •          be included in normal everyday activities

For me this support has been invaluable, important and vital for the recovery process.

Please don’t suffer in silence. If you feel alone and in despair, seek the help available through Lifeline, Centre for Women’s Mental Health or one of the many resources available.

Liptember is a month-long charity initiative run throughout September every year.

This initiative strives to raise awareness of women’s mental health issues and fundraise for research to achieve optimal health outcomes for women. All funds raised during the campaign are donated to Lifeline and the Centre for Women’s Mental Health. The campaign usually urges Australian women to purchase and wear their official Liptember Lipstick, while gaining sponsorship for wearing it every day during September.

To spice things up District 20 has decided to add a little fun and get the boys on board and behind this great cause. In order to raise money and awareness, we are auctioning the boys’ lips as a canvas. You get to vote for the one you would like to see most in a beautiful lipstick colour. At the end of the month the one who has the most money against their name will then choose their own lip colour in which they will then pucker up for the day, and a picture will be published on the D20 facebook page and in our newsletter.

This is where we need your help

To see your favourite guy pout up and showcase his luscious lips for Liptember, please click on the below link, then nominate your choice by clicking on their profile and donating to this great cause.


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Last Updated: 09 September 2015