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District 22 workshop on leadership and diversity

CFA District 22 will hold a GenNext Workshop on Sunday, 22 May, to discuss the future direction of the region and brainstorm ideas on how to become more sustainable.

The workshop was prompted by a meeting between Deputy Chief Officer John Haynes, District 22 Operations Manager Stuart Broad and the District 22 Strategic Leadership Team.

They discussed that to become more sustainable, there needs to be a reduction in the average of volunteer leadership at district, group and brigade levels; a reduction in the ageing trend of volunteer membership and identified a need to create greater diversity among leadership and general membership.

To address this, the workshop at University of Melbourne Dookie Campus aims to provide an opportunity for innovation, brainstorming and generating ideas for future leadership within the district.

Guest speakers will talk about their experiences and speak on:

Diversity - Guest Speaker Chris Hazleman, Ex-Mayor Shepparton City Council and Manager of the Shepparton Ethnic Council;

Sustainability - Guest Speaker Sherri McKerley, CFA Leading Diversity and Building the Next Generation of CFA;

Leadership - Guest Speaker John Haynes, CFA Deputy Chief Officer.

Discussion will include why diversity is critical for organisations and leaders, why organisations and leaders need to focus on sustainability, what challenges there are to sustainability for brigades, what leadership means, and what barriers or challenges there are for new leaders to develop and emerge in CFA.

The participants will be made up of a mix of volunteers and community members with an emphasis on diversity – including youth, ethnic groups and a gender mix.

Input, ideas, actions and outcomes of the day will be put to the District 22 Strategic Leadership Team with the aim to better prepare the district to confront the challenges of the next five to 10 years.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017