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District 8 Operation New Start

By: Darren Padgett

Category: People, Youth & Juniors

  5.19 PM 14 May, 2013

Location: District 8 News

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Local High School kids spend a day working with the District 8 Staff Fire Fighters at Bangholme Training Ground

Around 25 students from Casey, Frankston and Dandenong Schools participated in the day. Staff from District 8 volunteered their time to help these kids, who do the term long program. 

The day focuses on decision making and a reliance on the meaning of "Team work." The course runs in line with the Education department / VicPol programme for these kids who are in danger of leaving the school system.

We begin with a talk on the background of CFA, what our roles are and the steps that need to be taken to become a Career Fire fighter.

This is then followed with a practical exercise using Fire extinguishers, the “Tar Pit” showing how the smoke layers fall when a room catches fire. A guided tour of the “Temple of Doom,” and then onto the Gas PAD for the 2 line fog attack. It’s a very full day with all the kids being presented with a certificate at the end which is presented on their Graduation day.  

Leading Fire fighter Greg Milne, Fire fighters Sean Marshall, Roy Peterson, Brendan Siinnma, David Lennox, and Leigh Schnerring all offered there time along with Bangholme Training College who supply PAD operators and all the consumable on the day.

This is the 10th year the program has been running, and a day with the fire fighters is still the number one thing to do according to the past participants, and can only be successful with the enthusiastic help of the  Staff Volunteering their time to help.

The following pictures a small grab of the day.

If you would like to help out or want any further info with this program in future, please contact Senior Station Darren Padgett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: 14 May 2013