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District Volunteerism Coordinators

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  2.32 PM 20 October, 2014

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As reported in September, our team of District Volunteerism Coordinators has started in district offices.

What is their focus? 

The coordinators are part of the statewide volunteerism team, responsible for volunteer recruitment, development, retention, recognition and exit programs. Their duties include:

  • Introducing and facilitating the use of tools and resources developed for the field
  • Coordinating district volunteerism workshops
  • Coordinating district mentoring workshops
  • Coordinating nominations for key programs, such as leadership development
  • Supporting and delivering district-based brigade/group induction programs
  • Coordinating junior, secondary school and tertiary projects
  • Maintain partnerships with district stakeholders such as  employers

You can reach the coordinators by contacting your district office, by emailing

otv–This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling  1800 232 636.

The DVC’s perspective                          

Tim Firman is a CFA District Volunteerism Coordinator based in District 2 headquarters in Bendigo.

Speaking about his experience in engaging with various groups in the district, Tim said: “To date, I have established good relationships with our OM, district catchment teams, OO’s, BASO’s, and district support teams”.

“I’m planning to engage with a number of additional groups to further improve their understanding of volunteer support initiatives”.

Tim’s priority is to identify the needs across the district under volunteer support phase two, including partnerships with employers, improving the communication flow to brigades, leadership development opportunities and facilitating the use of new tools and resources.

His challenge? To define how best to align the DVC role with the district team, avoid duplication and add value to the district team’s efforts. 



Last Updated: 20 October 2014