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District Volunteerism Pilot

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  9.39 AM 3 March, 2015

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A leadership development pilot underway in District 13 and District 22

A priority for the districts is to support members in the important area of leadership and management skill development.  This is in response to the 2014 CFA Training Survey of members which showed a strong demand for leadership development opportunities.

In response to the need for better leadership and management skill development opportunities, District Volunteerism Coordinators Fiona Martin and Terri Johnson developed a pilot proposal to be conducted in District 13 and District 22.

In late December, these districts received funding from OT&V to pilot an approach to leadership and management, which draws on existing volunteer and staff expertise. The approach optimises existing CFA leadership programs. It calls for the development of new programs, providing mentoring and guidance. 

Building capability

A feature is building capability to deliver leadership and management programs at the local level, cost-effectively.  A number of other districts have provided positive feedback.

The pilot runs to 30 June 2015.

The range of programs offered focus on the leadership roles of crew leaders, lieutenants, captains, brigade management teams, group officers as well as senior catchment leaders. 

Workshops and tools

The programs include short workshops suitable for brigade management teams. Longer programs support emerging leaders’ transitions from a follower/team member to their first leadership role, as well as the Captains’ Mentoring Program developed in District 14.  There will be easy-to-use tools developed for Captains and Operations Officers to use for planning the professional development of members in leadership and management. 

Another part of the project involves the development of a network of district-based volunteer facilitators to focus on mentoring programs.

Members’ response to the pilot has been positive.


Last Updated: 03 March 2015