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Don't cook our firefighters

  • Always re-hydrate
  • Always re-hydrate
  • Always re-hydrate

By: Keith Pakenham

Category: Health & Safety

  10.06 PM 24 January, 2014

Location: District 8 News

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Senior Station Officer Adrian Devenish talks about heat stress on our hot days.

Adrian and Qualified firefighter Ryan Pole suggest keeping hydrated prior to fire calls and maintain a good intake of water and electrolytes as the call progresses. Wear the minimum amount of gear you need for the role you have and keep as cool as possible.

Officers and Crew leaders alike need to call in more crews if needed so members can be rotated in for shorter periods to reduce any chance of work overload. If need be call in Paramedics or a health team to monitor members.

Our new structural protective clothing will heat up individuals at a much faster rate so watch out for your fellow fire-fighter and ensure you take the right steps for the conditions of the day to suit your level of health.

Last Updated: 04 February 2014