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Don't horse around on icy roads

By: CFA Media

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  10.38 AM 24 June, 2013

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CFA assisted Gisborne SES at an early morning rescue when two horses became trapped in a float.

Two crews from Sunbury and one from Gisborne were called to the accident on Couangalt Road, Gisborne South about 7.30am this morning (24 June).

It is believe the car towing the trailer hit black ice, causing the horse float to slide and tip over, trapping the two horses on board.

CFA assisted SES in releasing the trapped animals. The rescue took about an hour.

A vet attended to sedate the horses and check them over once they were released. The driver of the vehicle was uninjured.

Gisborne CFA Comms Officer, Bevan Moody, last week, warned drivers of the dangerous road conditions in the Macedon Rangesin winter.

Last Updated: 24 June 2013