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Donations and how it all pans out?

By: Ian Dawe

  11.00 AM 12 December, 2012

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I would really like to know?

Our Brigade recieved a 1.5 millon dollar donation to the CFA after Black Sat., from a well known Horse Stud. Our Captian and Secutary handed that over to the Region due to them believing that it was too great a donation for just one brigade and that we would benifit from the windfall. 

 Well we still have a Truck that is 20 Yrs old, our brigade shed that was already there was recladed and we got a toilet!!! Our brigade shed does not even have a meeting room or kitchett. So our meetings are held in a Cold shed in winter and a unbearable sauna in summer with no place to make a cuppa or have a snack. We are surrounded by multi millon dollar rural industies. OUR TRUCK does not even have ___ FOAM, Yes we are a rural brigade.

I ask to put forward that we get a second smaller truck or a new more modern tanker to enable us to effectively fight fires in the Winery vinyards and Horse studs that surround our brigade. We have been over looked time and time again.

 In hind site the next time Our little overlooked Brigade gets a donation like that 1.5 million, I'll make sure we get a meeting room with aircon, also a ___ big heater, a new truck and any other ___ thing we think we may need before the region or HQ  see's one cent.

I am committed to my local community and the CFA thats why I'm a Volunteer. But when the system is overlooking the importantance of the small volunteer brigades it sucks. It's not right...The core of this CFA is small rural brigades of volunteers...

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