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Don't miss ABC TV disaster special

By: Leith Hillard

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  9.44 AM 29 November, 2013

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On Sunday 1 December 2013, two Australian families will be hit by a Category 3 tropical cyclone and a catastrophic bushfire. Are they ready? ... And are you?

What would you do if a natural disaster was heading for you? Would you panic?

We like to think we'd react well, but the truth is, most of us wouldn't. Our brains partially shut down, and we can react in really weird and potentially dangerous ways to the disaster unfolding around us.

As our climate changes, Australia will experience more extreme weather events.

To drive home these twin messages from brain science and climate science, CATALYST's Dr Jonica Newby has come up with an audacious plan to help every Australian family be better prepared.

In this ABC TV disaster special, two spectacularly-staged disaster scenarios will be thrown at two unsuspecting Australian families. How will they cope?

Tune in on Sunday 1 December at 7:30pm to find out.


Last Updated: 29 November 2013