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Driver offloads container on fire near Mickleham

By: CFA Media

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  4.02 PM 29 September, 2014

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A fire that started in a 20ft shipping container on the back of a truck  is being attended by CFA crews, including 10 tankers and two pumpers, just north of Mickelham on the Hume Freeway.

The driver, travelling in the south-bound lane along the freeway, pulled over on to a weighbridge at around 1.15 after noticing that a fire had started in the container, which contained scrap metal from old car parts.

Upon pulling off the freeway the driver was able to unload the container onto the road and wait for emergency services to respond.

CFA Operations Officer David Harris said that there was a lot of heat in the fire, possibly due to the presence of oil residue and rubber within the container.

“It’s a small fire and contained to the skip but we’ve needed those ten tankers there to provide a water source,” he said.

While police have closed off the weighbridge, the Hume freeway remains open in both directions and smoke from the fire is not currently causing problems with visibility.  

It's expected that CFA will be on scene until about 4.30pm later this afternoon (29 September).

Last Updated: 29 September 2014