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Drouin West takes home bragging rights

Drouin West Fire Brigade took home first prize from the bragging board poster displays at the CFA-SES Community Engagement and Hazard Awareness State Forum. 

One of the aims of the State Forum is to share ideas and local community engagement and education initiatives. Bragging Board displays have proven a great way to display these local initiatives and create a contact point for activities that are going on around the state. This idea sharing helps forum attendees to generate new ideas and network amongst brigade members attending the event.

Each CFA brigade and SES unit represented at the State Forum was invited to submit a local community engagement initiative that their CFA brigade or SES unit has participated in over the last 12 months.

77 posters were received in total with all these initiatives displayed at the event, and a competition was held for the best initiative in which Drouin West took home a framed print as first prize.

Drouin West Brigade teamed up with Warragul SES Unit to provide a one-stop shop for all hazard community safety information. CFA and SES collaborated on what kind of information should be provided, including preparedness and prevention on a range of risks. The successful one day event was a great way to show the community that two emergency services agencies can work together.

Gordon Fire Brigade were close runners up with their ‘Can we Fit’ poster and Belmont CFA, Whittlesea CFA and Kinglake SES received honourable mentions. 

Last Updated: 19 August 2015