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Dryer sparks reminder on working smoke alarms

By: CFA Media

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  10.51 AM 31 August, 2017

Location: District 8 News

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On Saturday 19 August, 16 CFA firefighters worked tirelessly to contain a house fire that tore through a property in Mount Eliza.

Crews from Mount Eliza and Frankston fire brigades were called to the property on Millbank Drive shortly after 1pm.

The cause of the fire is unknown but believed to have started in the dryer.

The occupants, a mother and daughter, were alerted to the fire by their smoke alarm and were able to safely evacuate before crews arrived.

Mount Eliza Captain Andrew Whitehead said by the time the occupant was able to see the fire, the entire laundry was engulfed in flames.

“They were lucky to get out in time and reinforced the importance of working smoke alarms in homes. Understandably, they were both a little shaken but thankfully unharmed.

“We arrived shortly after the call was made to Triple Zero. The fire moved quickly and extended into the roof before we had arrived.

“With the assistance from the Frankston Fire Brigade we were able to bring the fire under control within 10 minutes.”

Andrew said it’s a timely reminder during wet weather about safe use of your dryer.

“We’ve been called to fires that have been caused by oily fabrics placed in dryers and lint filters which have ignited.

“It’s important to remember to clean filters and let your dryer complete its cool-down cycle before stopping.”

Last Updated: 02 September 2017