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Eastern Metro medal presentations

  • Gavin Wright (CFA District 14) and Ella Penfold
  • Cindy McLeish MLA presenting Ella her award with Gavin Wright and Dave Renkin (Operations Manager, District 13)
  • CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson presenting Ella with her award
  • CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson presenting Ella with her award

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  2.58 PM 22 August, 2014

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More than 90 National Emergency Medals were awarded to CFA members from the Eastern Metro region at a ceremony in Yarra Glen last night.

Among the awards presented by Cindy McLeish MLA and CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson there was one very special recipient.

11-year-old Ella Penfold accepted an NEM on behalf of her late mother Lori Penfold, who passed away after a long battle with illness earlier this year.

Eastern Metro Regional Director Dave Baker said Lori was a much loved member of the Eastern Metro team, having started as an administration assistant and rising through the ranks to eventually hold the training coordinator position for a number of years.

“Lori’s untimely passing was felt widely throughout the district – she was loved and highly respected by many.”

Lori was recognised for her work in the District Command Centre during the 2009 fires, where she provided essential support during some of the worst days.

“I was very proud to see so many members  from District 13 recognised for their service during the Black Saturday fires – everyone who served during that difficult period went above and beyond their duties.”

Back in 2009 the borders of District 13 included Kinglake and Kinglake West, which were some of the hardest hit townships.

The National Emergency Medal recognises the service of members during a nationally significant emergency. The 2009 Victorian Bushfires have been declared a nationally-significant emergency joining the only two others to date: the 2010- 2011 Queensland Floods and Cyclone Yasi  (2011).

Last Updated: 22 August 2014