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Effective Freeway Response Tables

By: Anthony Stephens

Category: Operational Information

  9.12 PM 19 May, 2013

Location: District 2 News, District 14 News

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District 2 Brigades Taradale, Elphinstone, Kyneton and Malmsbury recently met to discuss improvements to Calder Freeway Response Tables.

All these brigades recognised that in the time since the newer sections of the Calder Freeway were opened that there have been issues with incident response. Most of these issues are a result of motorists not correctly reporting the location of vehicle accidents, incidents or fires along the freeway. The responding brigade sometimes wasted time locating the incident. To help improve service delivery these brigades have discussed creating freeway specific assignment areas with Category "C" responses (Three brigade initial turnout) to any reported accidents, incidents or fires.

Using data supplied from District 2 Operations officers the brigades can work out which brigades can respond to different parts of the freeway the quickest. If an incident is reported in a particular location the brigades will respond the  brigade whose assignment area it is and the brigades either side along the freeway. This means brigades will travel from either direction along the freeway until the incident is located, rather than just one brigade trying to locate the incident.

The brigades also took the opportunity to look at response and wordback tables in general. Using the principle of "the most appropriately equipped appliance that can get there the quickest" the brigades are amending their tables. The tables will also be amended to increase the number of brigades responded immediately to Code 1 turnouts ensure the best service delivery. By working together the brigades have used CFA data, together with local knowledge to ensure their response and wordback tables are current and effective.

Last Updated: 20 May 2013