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Emerald’s diary takes off

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Events / Fundraising / Offers

  1.13 PM 13 November, 2014

Location: District 13 News

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The Emerald Fire Brigade Fundraising Committee has successfully launched its 2015 fundraising and community safety diary. 

By Klaus Brodeck

After a strong campaign to make CFA brigades aware of this new product, a large number of brigades have decided to use these diaries in their communities. 

Each brigade has used the diary in a different way. Bacchus Marsh brigade, for example, used its Facebook page to pre-sell the diaries to its local community for a fundraising cause.

"The diary project will, hopefully, be put to good use through funding specialist equipment for the brigade that wouldn't usually be provided on the truck," said Lieutenant Dale Salathiel. "The brigade is looking to buy an atmospheric monitor that would benefit the Bacchus Marsh community."

Other brigades have partnered with local schools and retailers to sell the diaries on their behalf, or are using them at already-established local events such as school fairs and markets.

"It has been a fantastic response from brigades to get on board with this concept and we hope to hear many positive stories over the coming months," said Emerald Captain Paul Yandle. "We’re optimistic that even more brigades will use these diaries in 2016."

The diaries were delivered to brigades in mid-November, just in time to coincide with potential events such as CFA Open Day and community bushfire safety meetings.

If you’re interested in using this diary in your brigade for the purpose of fundraising or improving fire awareness in your community, go to, as there are a few copies left.

Last Updated: 13 November 2014