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Emergency response time data release

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  10.10 AM 30 October, 2017

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CFA emergency response time data is being publicly released for the first time today. 

It details a highly capable firefighting organisation, while also pointing the way to future improvements.

Overall, CFA meets its Customer Service Delivery Standard (SDS) 87 per cent of the time.

The figures released today are for the quarter ending 30 June 2017. CFA will continue to publish quarterly emergency response time data into the future.

CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington said the release of emergency response time data was an important accountability measure and would help drive improvements in CFA’s service delivery and allocation of resources.

“The response time data we’re publishing today shows just what a highly capable firefighting organisation we are and the public has every right to be confident in our ability to keep them safe. The publishing of this data will provide the community with information about service delivery in their area.” he said.

“What it also shows, is there is always room for improvement – and this is something we must and are addressing.”

Response time data is one of a number of measures by which CFA assesses the effectiveness of its service.

In addition to emergency response, a key component of CFA’s role is to educate local communities on fire prevention and preparedness.

“The community can rest assured that CFA is well placed to fulfil its critical role. We will always look to improve and as we move into summer, our people – volunteer and career firefighters - stand capable, committed and ready to perform their duty to the highest standards.”  

The response time data is divided by Hazard Class, which defines the risk type for any given area covered by a brigade. Each Hazard Class has a Service Delivery Standard, a predefined response time target for brigades attending emergency events.

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Last Updated: 30 October 2017