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Equipment, reviews, Good Friday Appeal

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 8 April, 2013

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Red Plating Of Brigade Owned Vehicles:
CFA has been working closely with VFBV and VicRoads to explore the possibility of a common number-plating of brigade owned vehicles. 

This has been brought about because of the increasing frequency of individual brigade members being held liable for fines and demerit points incurred whilst Brigade Owned Vehicles are travelling as an emergency vehicle. The arrangement will see brigades retaining ownership of the vehicle, but CFA will become the "authorised user", resulting in traffic infringements coming to CFA in the way that CFA owned vehicles do. The result will be that brigade owned vehicles will also carry red number plates. One outstanding issue is that of personalised number plates. CFA and VFBV will work through the options with the small number of brigades that have personalised number plates.

Tankers - "Fit For Purpose - Fit For Task":
CFA has moved away from a set (20 year) life for firefighting vehicles. This recognises that the wear and tear on vehicles is not standard (for example, a pumper at Hallam may last only 8 to 10 years in service and therefore need much more frequent replacement). It recognises that CFA can better manage its fleet by issuing new vehicles to busier brigades and passing on vehicles in the middle of their life to quieter brigades in areas of relatively low risk. CFA is also proposing that a "mid-life" refurbishment on some vehicles will assist in extending their life and re-issue of a vehicle to another brigade. Refurbishments might include upgrading of safety systems, re-striping, upgraded lighting and retrofitting of engineering innovations that are on new tankers (an example might be front mounted monitors). DMO's advice, backed up by comments from the field, is that many older trucks are still well and truly serviceable, and both "fit for purpose" and "fit for task". Reliability of diesel engine pumps and trucks, along with the availability of spare parts, are key factors in this strategy.

Reinforcing our Key Directions:
The Fire and Emergency Management team are conducting a review of the Fire and Emergency Management Field Guide and Pocket Checklists. The aim is to continuously improve. An online survey (link below) has been developed to obtain data on the content, format, useability and importance of the Field Guide, Pocket Checklists and also the Members Quick Reference Guide. Participation in the survey will ultimately assist in the development of updated Fire and Emergency Management Field Guide and Pocket Checklists. Could you please distribute the survey to your CFA colleagues to be completed by Friday 19th April.

Fire Danger Period Terminations:
Following the severe fire danger experienced on Wednesday 27 March and the fires on that day, we have seen a clear trend to autumnal weather conditions. The bulk of our contracted firefighting aircraft fleet is now "off-contract". DSE, Parks Victoria and (pleasingly) many CFA brigades are engaged in roadside, community and public land planned fuel reduction burns. Fire restrictions will be lifted today in parts of the Loddon Mallee, and Hume Regions. On the 15th April, many Municipalities will also have restrictions lifted in parts of Grampians, Gippsland, Southern, Eastern and North West Metropolitan Regions. CFA will be reinforcing the Victorian Burnoff Line: 1800 668 511 for anyone who is intending to burn - whether with a permit or outside the Fire Danger Period.

Well Done CFA On The Good Friday Appeal!:
CFA was out in force over the Easter period and on Good Friday. Many members stood on street corners rattling tins and fundraising for a very worthy cause - the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. CFA brigades have been helping collect money now for over 60 years, with CFA collections totalling over $22 million so far. Last year, CFA broke its record by collecting a whopping $1.25 million for the appeal. This is amazing achievement and I thank the many CFA brigades and members that are involved in raising money for this cause every year. Thank you and well done. You have represented CFA and the community in an exceptional manner.
For more information about the appeal or to donate visit:

"It'll be so dry out there, it will suck the moisture out of your eyeballs."
- Kevyn Parkin, Bureau of Meteorology Forecaster the day before a (very hot and dry) weather day


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